About Bridegroom & Bitney

Founded out of enthusiasm and interest for all aspects of entertainment, Bridegroom and Bitney is a growing company dedicated to assisting artists who are passionate about the creative process of a career in the entertainment industry. In the new age of online marketing and self-promotion, Bridegroom and Bitney successfully supports artists in all aspects of social media, guiding them through the development process while stimulating exposure and providing them with crucial tools to cultivate a lasting career. Armed with seven years on the cutting edge of the social media revolution, our command on the most current trends in online media allows our team to educate and expertly guide our clients on how to foster a thriving online presence in the ever-evolving world of media.

Who We Are

Bridegroom and Bitney is made up of a highly efficient team of passionate people with the education, life experiences and people skills to effectively stimulate results for career-driven talented artists.

Shane Bitney Crone

Shane, the founder of Bridegroom and Bitney, has over 7 years of experience working heavily within the ever-growing social media revolution. Shane is an expert in the new age of interactive and user-generated media and is readily available to provide the clients of Bridegroom and Bitney with optimum social media consulting.




Alexandra Dean Grossi 

Alexandra, Bridegroom and Bitney's web designer and head of creative services, is an exceptionally skilled virtual creative artist. Alexandra is an experienced and versatile virtual designer and respected artist, working closely with clients to develop unique designs for all virtual creative needs.




Michaela Myers

As the head writer and editor of Bridegroom and Bitney, Michaela is a professional, trained writer with a cultivated sensitivity to the individual qualities of each client, directing her focus on crafting authentic and engaging content.



In Memory of Tom Bridegroom 

Bridegroom and Bitney's cofounder, Tom Bridegroom, was an impassioned, sincere man with unrelenting ambition and a devotion to the creative process. After studying music and the fine arts extensively while attending the prestigious Vassar College, Tom had become heavily involved in all areas of the entertainment industry, as both a well-respected performer and as an esteemed industry insider.  His love of all things music and entertainment motivated him to found Bridegroom and Bitney in 2006 with his business partner, Shane Bitney Crone. As Bridegroom and Bitney grew and flourished, Tom maintained a commitment to using his energy, time and resources to developing the careers and nurturing the dreams of other talented individuals. Although he tragically passed away in the spring of 2011, the solid foundation of wisdom and support that Tom helped established at Bridegroom and Bitney still stands.